Hi, It's Talha.

Web Scraper - ML Engineer - Web Developer



Indeed Scraper

Scraping Jobs from Indeed



Downloading large number of movies' stills and clips


Real Estate Scraper

Scraping real estate data from redfin.com


Yellowpages Scraper

Scraping leads from Yellowpages


Opensea NFT Scraper

Scraping NFTs Acitivity from Opensea


Crypto Scraper

Scraping Crypto Data from CoinMarketCap


All Recipes Scraper

Scraping recipes data from AllRecipes

I have done 400+ Data Scraping projects. A few of them can be seen on my GitHub

Machine Learning projects will be added soon.

Web Development projects will be added soon.


Verified testimonials of my clients can be read on my Fiverr or Upwork profile.


Hi, it's Talha. I'm a CS graduate from COMSATS, specialized in AI. I've been working as a freelancer for over 2 years.
I enjoy scraping data off of internet and making decisions for real world problems using Machine or Deep Learning Techniques.

Most of my time is spent solving problems. If I'm not coding, I'd be probably reading, writing or playing chess.
Got a challenge for me? Get in touch!

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+92 314 7514566